Velcorin Dosing & Other Services

Velcorin Machine »

Got Brettanomyces?? Get Velcorin!!

Velcorin dosing adds a microbial control agent immediately before bottling. Even at low concentrations, it is effective against typical spoilage micro-organisms such as yeasts and a wide range of bacteria and molds. It rapidly breaks down into negligible amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide, which are both naturally occurring compounds in wine. It will not affect color, taste or aroma and  is commonly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, ice teas and flavored water beverages. FDA approved and there is NO labeling requirements when using Velcorin.

Laser Bottle Coding and Date Stamping »

Laser etch on each bottle the exact time and date of filling. Not noticable to the consumer, this valuable information enables you to identify any bottles that may become subject to concern. Should you ever have a recall or cause for concern, simple date coding on the outside of the case will not  be uselful once the bottles are out of the case and on the shelf.

Pallet Wrapper »

The automatic pallet wrapping machine applies the perfect stretch wrap for the pallet of wine. It also saves your winery the expense of a crew member wrapping the pallets and a possible workers compensation claim. During the summer heat, you will especially appreciate this Bottle Meister exclusive service enhancement.